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Bowker Statement of Use
This Statement of Use explains how Bowker plans to use any Metadata, Enriched Content or Digital Content relating to your publications that you choose to supply to us ("Your Materials").

Basic Terms

  • "Metadata" means the bibliographic information about your title such as author, title, publisher, ISBN, price, dimensions, publication date, etc.
  • "Enriched Content" means descriptive information about your title such as cover images, annotations, summaries, or author biographies.
  • "Digital Content" means, collectively, (i) digitized portions of your title such as tables of contents, first chapters, indexes, or other excerpts of your title ("Digital Content Excerpts") and (ii) the full text of your title ("Full Text Digital Content").

Bowker Products

Bowker has designed and developed databases, products and services relating to book information for the library, publishing, academic and retail markets. Bowker databases, products and services include, but are not limited to:

  • Bowker's Books In Print® and Global Books In Print® databases and all their subsets, in all formats and delivery media, including without limitation, in direct-to-customer electronic data feeds, online, in print and on CD-ROM
  • Bowker's library catalog enrichment services known as Syndetics™
  • Bowker's electronic commerce services known as Pubnet® and PubEasy®, which include live inventory look-up, ordering and fulfillment services
  • Bowker's business intelligence products, services and reports known as PubTrack™ which provide subscribers with book sales trends analysis, book consumer research, and sales and inventory tracking
  • Bowker's Identifier Services which provide registration and search optimization services relating to product identifiers including ISBNs, ISTCs, and DOIs

Bowker’s Use of Your Materials

By submitting Your Materials to Bowker or by allowing Bowker to access Your Materials, you are granting Bowker permission to include Your Materials in any or all Bowker databases, products and services in their current and future form. In consideration of the mutual benefits arising from the inclusion of Your Materials in Bowker's databases, products and services, you grant to Bowker a non-exclusive, perpetual, worldwide, royalty free right, but not the obligation, to load and store Your Materials on Bowker's computer systems and to display and distribute Your Materials within Bowker's databases, products, and services to Bowker customers. You understand that Bowker has the right to control the content and format of its databases, products, and services and you agree that Bowker has the right to include materials provided by other materials providers in Bowker's databases, products and services along with Your Materials.


You, as a publisher, retain all rights to publish, copyright, and distribute your titles.


You represent that you have the right to provide Bowker with Your Materials and that Your Materials do not infringe any copyright, proprietary, privacy, publicity or other right of any third party.

Bowker’s Use of Digital Content Submissions

The following applies to any Digital Content that you supply to Bowker as part of Your Materials:

  • Bowker shall not sell, license, sublicense, or otherwise distribute or make your Full Text Digital Content in its entirety accessible in any way whatsoever to any third parties. Notwithstanding the foregoing, Bowker may create Digital Content Excerpts from your Full Text Digital Content for the uses described in this Statement of Use. Bowker shall not edit or modify your Full Text Content when creating Digital Content Excerpts.
  • Bowker may use your Digital Content to create indexes for relevancy ranking, key word searching, and book profiles to enhance the search and discovery capabilities of Bowker's databases, products and services.
  • Bowker may convert your Digital Content to any XML format, including Bowker's proprietary XML format.
  • Bowker acknowledges that you own all right, title and interest, including, without limitation, the copyright, in and to your Digital Content. The copyright and title to all property interests in or to your Digital Content are and shall remain in you and this Statement of Use shall not grant to Bowker any right of ownership therein.
  • Bowker shall not alter, remove, obscure or obstruct the display of any copyright, trademark or other proprietary notice placed upon your Digital Content by you. Bowker shall not commit, or knowingly assist any third party to commit any act or omission that would impair your rights in and to your Digital Content.

Acceptance of Terms

Use of the web site and the Bowker FTP site as well as submissions of Your Materials via e-mail to Bowker staff indicate your acceptance of the above terms.

Further Assistance

If you have any questions about this Statement of Use, please contact Bowker’s Data Services Department by phone at 888-269-5372, x-3107, or via email at Bowker's postal address is: 630 Central Ave., New Providence, NJ 07974


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